Our Story

Bella Cheveux Salon

As teenager, I listened to my mother’s concern about her salon experience such as wait times, unprofessionalism, and lack of care/education etc. There also was the lack of a “one stop shop” that would address a women’s entire beauty needs. Salon customers had become accustomed to driving to multiple locations for their grooming needs. Having discovered hair as my passion; my desire was to have guests enjoy their salon experience as well as achieve fabulous results.

Caring for your hair is one of the ways that you say, “I care about me.”  It is part of the outward expression of a woman’s confidence.  Consequently, when you look good, you feel good, confident, daring and adventurous. Hence the name bella cheveux – Italian and French for “beautiful hair” was born.

We invite you to join with us in our quest to give you something different, special and unique. We truly love what we do and hope that you partner with us to help you become a “better you”.

See you at the Salon!

– Hope Hannibal, Owner